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Anaheim 2 Recap

January 21, 2014

Villopoto returned to Anaheim with the red plates which signify the points leader. His heat race turned into a continuation of the main event from Phoenix as he battled with Justin Brayton, but settled for second place. The main event was looking to go his way and halfway through the 20-laps, the champ came in to pass for the lead. On his second attempt, slight contact resulted in Villopoto losing the front end. He remounted to finish fifth and sits one point out of the championship lead.

“Tonight was unfortunate,” said Villopoto. “I felt we were in good position to get into the lead and get away. As I came up to make the pass, my front end just got pulled from under me and I didn’t know what happened. Looking at the video, the leader’s boot got stuck in my front wheel causing me to go down. We’re still right there in points and there’s lots of racing left.”

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