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March 25, 2014

Hey everyone. Just wanted to send out a little message to let everyone know I am all good now and back on track after a crazy weekend. I woke up sat morning with gnarly stomach pain so bad that I couldn’t even stand up. Was able to push myself into a cab to get to the stadium to see if the docs at asterisk could help me out but one look at me and they sent me in the ambulance to the hospital. After hours of enduring the pain and laying in a hospital bed trying to get some answers, the docs found nothing!!  Crazy to be in that much pain and they tell you you’re fine. At that point I just knew you had to pull it together and try and make the night happen.  Rolled into the stadium  at 6:30 with just enough time to put my gear on and make it to opening ceremonies. Pretty sketchy knowing my first lap on the track was gonna be in a race but it is what it is. We made it work and came away with some decent points on the night so all in all it was a good night. Can’t say thanks enough to all the people who made it happen and the fans for sticking by me. Next week it’s on!  Back to the real RV


Photo: Racer X Online

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